vii Acknowledgments An acknowledgments section provides an opportunity for us to reflect and identify all the persons who have contributed to our endeavors. Our writing has been a col- laborative effort, and in that same spirit we have integrated our experiences, read- ings, and teachings from so many. We deeply appreciate you all—the mentors and mentees who have taught us so much the many organizations who have sponsored mentoring programs, the brilliant authors who have educated us with their writ- ings, our families and friends who encouraged us to continue, and others to whom we are grateful. First and foremost we want to thank Amy Burgess, CEO, and Julie Manhard, President, of The Mentoring Company,™ for the creation of the innovative men- toring program, Mentoring Circles®. Their belief in the power of mentoring with stories to promote positive forward movement and discovery of solutions for both mentors and mentees has inspired us to delve into mentoring as a learning relation- ship. Second, we thank the 30-plus mentors with whom we have worked to provide mentoring programs and the over 500 mentees who have participated. From these experiences during the past two decades, we have gained knowledge about leader- ship, cultures, organizations, life, and the power of mentoring for learning. Next, we want to express our appreciation to the American Occupational Therapy Foundation and the American Occupational Therapy Association for their belief in mentoring as a process to develop a leadership community within the occupational therapy profession. These organizations have been supportive sponsors of the mentoring programs discussed in Chapter 4 of this book. Special thanks to Martha Kirkland, Ruth Ann Watkins, Chuck Christiansen, Mindy Hecker, Maureen Peterson, Carolyn Baum, Diana Ramsey, and Penny Moyers Cleveland for their commitment to leadership and mentoring as an effective process to de- velop leadership in the profession. All the authors in our reference listings have contributed to our intellectual growth and our curiosity to learn more our sincere appreciation to all of you. A particular note of thanks goes to Lois Zachery for her writings about mentoring— you have been an inspiration. Appreciation to James Kouzes and Barry Posner who have provided us with the knowledge that leadership is both a science and an art. From their work we have learned a leadership language, discovered leadership as relationships, and acquired awareness that leadership is an activity that belongs to everyone. Stephen Denning, Jack Maguire, Annette Simmons, Lori Silverman, and others have informed us with their pioneer work about storytelling in organiza- tions. We are grateful for their creativity and discovery of the power of stories. Fi- nally, a special thanks goes to Frank Dance and Carl Larsen for their teachings and writings about communication.
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