vii About the Editors Deirdre R. Dawson, PhD, OT Reg. (Ont.), is a gradu- ate of the University of British Columbia’s rehabilitation science program. Following 10 years of clinical work, primarily in adult neurorehabilitation, Dr. Dawson began her graduate studies. She received her master of science degree in epidemiology and doctorate in psychology (specializing in brain and behavior) from the University of Toronto. She is an associate profes- sor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto and a senior scientist at the Rotman Research Insti- tute, Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto. In addition, she holds appointments in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto the Toronto Rehabil- itation Institute, University Health Network, Toronto and is a member of the Canadian Partnership of Stroke Recovery. In 2014, Dr. Dawson was inducted into the American Occupational Therapy Foundation’s Acade- my of Research, and in 2015, she received the Mitchell Rosenthal Award from the American Congress of Re- habilitation Medicine. Dr. Dawson’s research focuses on understanding how cognitive processes, particularly executive func- tions, in acquired brain disorders and aging affect peo- ple’s abilities to participate fully in their everyday life. Her work is or has been funded by the Canadian In- stitutes of Health Research, Drummond Foundation, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, Quebec Rehabili- tation Research Network, and the Canadian Partner- ship in Stroke Recovery. She has published more than 170 papers and abstracts. In 2005, inspired by the work of Dr. Helene J. Polatajko on the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO–OP) Approach with children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD), Dr. Dawson posited that the CO–OP Ap- proach might be useful for adults with executive dys- function following acquired traumatic brain injury (TBI). She has conducted research on CO–OP in adults and older adult populations with TBI, stroke, and age-related cognitive changes. She has also undertaken several studies demonstrating the CO–OP Approach can be successfully delivered via telerehabilitation. Dr. Dawson is a CO–OP instructor and a member of the International CO–OP Academy. Dr. Dawson lives with her family in Toronto and also pursues occupations of reading, cross-country skiing, cycling, and canoeing. Sara E. McEwen, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD, is a rehabil- itation scientist with a clinical background in physi- cal therapy. She obtained her BSc in physical therapy (1990) and MSc in rehabilitation science (1996) from McGill University, Montreal, and PhD in Rehabilita- tion Science (2009) from the University of Toronto. Her involvement with CO–OP began in 2005. She has been a primary contributor to the knowledge base re- garding using CO–OP with people who have had a stroke as well as a CO–OP instructor, a CO–OP certi- fier, and a member of the International CO–OP Acad- emy executive committee since its inception in 2011. Dr. McEwen worked for many years as a clinical physical therapist, clinical educator, and project co- ordinator before becoming a scientist at the St. John’s Rehab Research Program of Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto. She also holds appointments as as- sistant professor in the Department of Physical Ther- apy and Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto. Dr. McEwen has long been interested in investigating how best to foster optimal long-term meaningful outcomes in people living with chronic conditions and in facilitating knowledge exchange be- tween front-line health professionals and researchers. Her current positions allow her to combine the two. Dr. McEwen holds or has held research funding from the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Physiotherapy Foundation, and Fonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec. Dr. McEwen is an avid skier, cyclist, and runner and lives near Orillia, Ontario, with her family. AOTA_CO-OP_00_FINAL_FM.indd 7 10/14/17 12:17 PM
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